By April 29, 2016 News

Escambia Academy will be utilizing the IRIS (Immediate Response Information System) Alert system for emails, phone messages, and text messages for information which needs to be quickly shared with our membership.  IRIS will be used to notify parents/family members of changes in athletic schedules, messages for certain groups (grades, teams), etc. IRIS will also be used in the event of an emergency involving the school or community, such as weather issues, campus issues, etc.

Please note the IRIS messages will come from the following email and phone number:

Phone Number: 281-207-4890

This email address will not accept replies so if you need to ask a question about the email, please forward it to an email address at “” for the person who is responsible for If the recipient is unable to answer the phone call and/or does not have voice mail, you can call the 281-207-4890 number back and hear the message that was originally sent.

Please be aware of the email address and phone number–it is probably a good idea to identify this phone number in your contacts as “EA IRIS alert” or something similar so you do not ignore a message from this number.

The “” email will continue to be used for general information and any forms or attachments.

We hope this will continue to improve our communication with our families.

David Walker