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Current Board Documents:

Escambia Academy has been providing a solid foundation for its students for 40 years. We are an independent, co-educational, day school, providing a quality education from K-4 to 12th grade. The school is structured into elementary, middle and high school divisions. It is a non-profit organization governed by an elected Board of Directors and supported by tuition, fees, donations and fund raising.

Board of Directors meet on the 4th Monday of each month. Schedule of meetings can be found on our calendar page.

Corporate Minutes will be complied annually and will be maintained for a minimum of five years in the Headmaster’s Office File. Member’s are welcome to come by the office to review the minutes.

Susie Kirk with EA board, from left, Sheldon Phillips, Lucas Andrews, board secretary Cathy Robinson, Susie Kirk, board president Chris McElhaney, Enga Jackson, Stacy Hardy, Tim Doerr. Members of the board not pictured are Rowdy Boyte, Martha Gookin, Larry Nichols, and BJ Reid.  Jul 18, 2022 

Board of Directors

Chris McElhaney President

Cathy Robinson Lucas Andrews
Rowdy Boyte
Tim Doerr
Martha Gookin
Enga Jackson
Larry Nichols
Mitchell Lanham
Steven Donaldson

Two Vacated in 2022

Annual Meeting-
The annual meeting of the members shall normally be held not sooner than sixty days before the end of the school year and not later than the end of the school year for the purpose of selecting Directors, and for the transaction of such other business as may come before the meeting. If the election of Directors shall not be held within the timeframe designated herein for any annual meeting, or at any adjournment thereof, the Board of Directors shall cause the election to be held at a special meeting of the members, as soon thereafter as is practicable.

Elected board serve a three (3) year term. Nominations may be made from the floor within the following guidelines:
1) A member must be nominated, and the nomination seconded.
2) The nominee should be present in order to accept the nomination or must have submitted a written acceptance of nomination in order to be eligible for the election vote.
3) The nominee must be in good standing with no unpaid charges in tuition/fees/assessments and be preregistered for upcoming school year.
Each member family has one vote/ballot in the election process. A member family is defined as the parent(s) or guardian(s) of students enrolled at EA who have signed the application for
membership accepting financial responsibility for all tuition, fees, assessments and other charges incurred as a result of such attendance at EA. If the ballot contains more than four (4) votes, it will be considered invalid.

Current Board Terms

Election 2020-2023

Martha Gookin
Larry Nichols
Mitchell Lanham

2021 Election 2021-2024

Enga Jackson
Steven Donaldson
Lucas Andrews
Tim Doerr

2022 Election 2022-2025

Rowdy Boyte
Chris McElhaney
Cathy Robinson

Previous Board Terms

Election 2019-2022

Clint Barlow
John Brantley
Spencer Overton
Cathy Robinson


Tim Doerr
John Fields
Dr. William Harris
Vacancy Unfilled


Cathy Robinson
Doug Tanner (Served 2017 – April 2019)
Sharon Smith (May 2019- 2020)
Trey Koons
Diana McCullough


Tim Doerr
John Fields
Tim Raymer
Justin Beasley (Served 2015-July 2017)
Dr. William Harris (July 2017 – 2018)


Blaine Chastang
Chris McGhee
Allen Smith
Jamie Stapleton Koons


Mike Campbell (Served 2016-2018)
Lisa Reynolds
Ashley Trawick
Sharon Smith


Cindy Lee
Ricky Martin (Served 2013 – March 2016)
Jerry Janes
Mike Campbell


Ben Smith
Greg Vaughn
Doug Murphy
Lori Nesmith