2016 3A-State-Power-lifting Champions

2021 News

EA wins 2A, overall powerlifting championship Tuesday

Escambia Academy won the AISA Class 2A and overall state powerlifting championship Feb. 22 at Pickens Academy.

The Cougars who placed in the top three of their weight divisions included:

  • 81 pounds – Cason Bryant, first place
  • 105 pounds – Caleb Jones, second place
  • 114 pounds – Ydarius McNeal, second place; and Danny Doerr, third place
  • 123 pounds – S.J. Riley, first place
  • 148 pounds – Ty McCants, second place
  • 158 pounds – Devin Kelly, third place
  • 175 pounds – Kevin Farrish, third place
  • 198 pounds – Bubba Nettles, second place
  • 205 pounds – Brady Howell, first place
  • 220 pounds – Hunter Smith
  • 232 pounds – Gabe Hooks, third place
  • 258 pounds – Kanye Hooks, first place
  • 275 poujnds – Rayvon Barnes, second place
  • MSHW – Chris Long, first place; and Tomorrion Knight, second place

Long won the men’s overall heavyweight championship.

2020 News

EA wins 7th AISA 2A powerlifting title in 9 years

The Escambia Academy powerlifting team poses for a photo following their first place overall finish and state championship win during the 2020 AISA State Powerlifting Championship Meet at Pickens Academy last Tuesday, February 18.

News Sportswriter

Tyler Newton broke a state record, and Chase Bell broke two, to lead the way as Escambia Academy captured its seventh Class 2A state title in the last nine years during the 2020 AISA State Powerlifting Championship Meet at Pickens Academy on February 18.
In addition to capturing the state championship, EA also finished first overall.
“We went into meet with 24 overall state records,” EA Headmaster Hugh Fountain said. “It is awesome to break two records. We now have 25 confirmed state records because one of the records that was broken was a former EA record. Since it was our record, it doesn’t count towards the overall number.”
According to Fountain, what sets EA apart from other AISA schools is that the Cougars weightlift during the course of the year and most of the kids also run track, which gives the school an edge in conditioning and competitive competition.
Fountain explained that EA’s student-athletes are a greedy, tough bunch of kids, who work very hard, never take for granted their successes and work as a team.
Newton broke the state record for deadlift in the Super Heavyweight class, and Bell broke state records for deadlift the most total weight lifted in the 140-lb. classification.
Along with Bell and Newton, the other first-place finishers for EA in their respective weight classes were Shawnton Riley (98 lbs.), Samorian Clark (105 lbs.), Orlando Medina (115 lbs.), Ty’rese Smith (175 lbs.), Troy Fountain (242 lbs.) and Chris Long (275 lbs.).
Second-place finishers for the Cougars were Josh Spruill (123 lbs.), Matt Brittingham (148 lbs.), Daughtry McGhee (158 lbs.), Shannon Wheat (165 lbs.), Randall Bonds (181 lbs.) and J.J. Stevens (242 lbs.).
Parker Robinson (132 lbs.) and Kelan Riley (81 lbs.) rounded out EA’s top-three finishers, each claiming third place.

EA lifters continue state championship tradition

News Sports Writer

A powerlifting team Left to right 1st row – Orlando Medina, Chase Bell, Patrick McGhee, Shannon Wheat, Tyrese Smith, Josh Spruill, 2nd row – Tyler Newton, S.T. Clark, Ty Williams, Jason Davis, SJ Riley, Ydarius McNeal, 3rd Row – Jaylen Santiago, Eli Covington, Chris Long, Luke Bell, Hunter Smith, Troy Fountain, 4th row – Zack Daniels, Brady Howell, Colby Sims, Griffin Davidson, Brandon Gulsby, Matthew Brittingham, Landon Sims, 5th row – Robert Stanley, Randall Bonds, Parker Robinson, Daughtry McGhee, Tyson Knight, 6th row – Charles McGill, Nick Cain, Kaleb Davis, Sam Fields, Jacob Reid, 7th row – Blake Hardy, Carson Barrett

For the second year in a row, Escambia Academy’s 38-member weightlifting team — with several members battling flu, colds and other ailments — captured seven individual state championships. One EA lifter tied a state record, and 10 others earned either runner-up or third-place finishes in the AISA Region 3 Weightlifting Championships.
The Cougars won the Class 2A State Championship and overall State Championship. The competition was held February 18 at Pickens Academy.
During last year’s AISA Powerlifting State Championships, three EA lifters broke state records, seven earned individual state titles and seven other students were runners-up or secured third place finishes.
Chase Bell, who tied a state record in the 140-pound division, was named overall champion this year in the AISA lightweight class.
EA did not have any females compete this year, despite efforts to change that.
Joining Bell as one of EA’s state title winners, and their respective weight classes, were:
Shawnton Riley (81 pounds), Orlando Medina (114), Brandon Gulsby (132), Shannon Wheat (165 pounds) and Jason Davis (232 pounds).
Six Cougars were state runners-up: Samorion Clark (98 pounds), Matthew Brittingham (132 pounds), Ty Williams (148 pounds), Tyrese Smith (175 pounds), Patrick McGhee (205 pounds) and Tyler Newton (MSHW).
Four other EA boys won third-place trophies: Jaiden Santiago (tied for third in the 98-pound division), Joshua Spruill (114 pounds), Hunter Smith (181 pounds) and Troy Fountain (258 pounds).
“We are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish over the years. We have been able to win 5 out of 6 overall championships and have been very competitive,” Escambia Academy Headmaster Hugh Fountain said. “It all comes down to one day. It is the same in any sport that you play, and I am very proud of the kids.
“We had to fight for this one because we had a lot of kids who were fighting illness, but we were able to capture the victory. I am very proud of our kids and school.”

2017 News

2017 Weightlifting Team

Escambia Academy’s 35-member weightlifting team captured seven individual state championships, including three lifters who broke state records, while seven others were either runners-up or took third place in the AISA Region 3 Weightlifting Championships, held at Pickens Academy this week.
Trae Lee (heavyweight), Kris Brown (middleweight) and Chase Bell (lightweight) each were named outstanding lifter overall in his classification. Lee and Brown each hoisted 600 pounds to set new state deadlift records for their weight groups, while Bell’s 300-pound bench press set a new state benchmark in his class.
“I thought that was amazing, those 600-pound deadweights,” Coach Hugh Fountain said.
In the squat, bench and deadlift combined, Lee lifted 1,480 pounds. Brown lifted 1,385 and Bell hefted 670 as the defending champion Cougars squad finished second.

“It was a good meet,” said Fountain. “We had 10 first-place finishes in 2014, and just seven this year, but I’m proud of the effort we had.”

The team’s chances at another state title were hampered by the AISA’s scoring system, which combined the total weight of each school’s male and female competitors.

“I wish they’d change that,” said Fountain, whose team had only one female competitor. (The lone EA girl, Cassidy Murphy was state runner-up among female lifters.) “Our boys performed well, and our one girl did well, but she was the only girl we had, and that made the difference.”

Escambia Academy’s four other state title-winners and their respective weight classes were: Heath Scheldt (132 pounds); JoJo Carpenter (205); Cameron Armentor (232), and Jamie Welker (242).

The Cougars had three boys who were state runners-up: Brandon Gulsby (114); Treyce Sells (123), and Thomas Knight (232). Three others – Patrick McGhee (198), Pate Robinson (205) and Tyler Newton (275) – earned third-place trophies.

News photo by Ditto Gorme

Photos from 2017 Weightlifting meet

2016 News

Escambia Academy won the AISA Class 3A State Powerlifting Championship Thursday at Pickens Academy.

In addition to winning the state title, the Cougars broke numerous state records.

EA’s Kris Brown broke the state dead lift record with 555 pounds; and the bench record with a lift of 520 pounds.

Chase Bell tied a state record by lifting 255 pounds in the dead lift.

Trae Lee also broke the previous dead lift record of 550 pounds by lifting 555 pounds. He also broke the squat record of 540 pounds by lifting 545.

Each lifter competed in individual weight classes. The full results are below:

• 81 weight class

Josh Spruill, second place

Parker Robinson third place

• 98 weight class

Chase Bell, first place

• 123 weight class

Brandon Gulsby, first place

• 140 weight class

Fred Flavors, second place

• 158 weight class

Kainoa Gumapac, first place

• 165 weight class

Patrick McGhee, fourth place

Bradley Campbell, third place

• 175 weight class

Kris Brown, first place

• 232 weight class

Geo Little, fourth place

• 242 weight class

Cameron Armentor, fourth place

Trae Lee, first place

• 258 weight class

H.T. Fountain, second place


Best Bench, Kris Brown

Best Dead Lift, Kris Brown

Best Male Lifter, Trae Lee

Photo from 2016 Weightlifting season

2015 News

Weight lifting coach Hugh Fountain has once again brought home a championship as Escambia Academy (EA) boys’ team lifted their way to their second consecutive 3-A AISA state weight lifting championship.

A group of more than 50 lifters and coaches traveled to Pickens Academy in Carrollton, Alabama, February 19, to participate in the event, fielding both a boys and girls team. Fountain said that this was the first year for the girls competition, which has only three weight classes as opposed to the boys 18 classes.

“It is much harder to place as a female lifter,” Fountain said. The EA team had seven lifters who won state titles in their divisions – Chase Bell at 81 lbs., Jackson Bonner at 98 lbs., John Sawyer at 140 lbs., Kris Brown at 158 lbs., Gordon Brooks at 175 lbs., Nolan White at 258 lbs., and James Fuqua in the super heavyweight division.

Three of the competitors also set state records. John Patrick Sawyer set his division’s squat record at 380 lbs. Kris Brown set his division’s record for dead lift at 460 lbs. James Fuqua set the super heavyweight divisions dead lift record at 575 lbs.

“Our kids have come to understand that weight lifting is important in every sport,” Fountain explained when asked about the size of his team. “Every kid who plays high school sports hopes to go to college and play athletics there. We help them understand the way to achieve that is in the weight room. From the lightest to the heaviest, every athlete can improve if they work hard enough at it.”

Shown at top are the members of the EA team from left, row one, H.T. Fountain, Kainoa Gumapac, Mason Caraway, Garrett Kirk, Xan McGhee, James Fuqua, John Patrick Sawyer, Kris Brown, Gordon Brooks, Trae Lee, Anna Catherine Sasser; row two, Cade White, Chris Brown, Yancey Odom, Trey McGhee, Tim Finklea, Megan Flowers, Makayla Spruill; row three, Gary Patrick Campbell, D.D. Brooks, Bradley Campbell, Keaton Parker, Josh Fields, Jamey Vaughn, Nate Smith, Scott Brantley, Megan Bell, Kiah Gumapac; row four, Brett Gorum, Tyler Sutton, Paolo Gorme, Drew Koons, Baylen Parker, Fred Flavors, Kevin Gumapac, Jackson Bonner; row five, Thomas Boothe, Justin Byrd, Nolan White, Chase Bell, Tenethia Wheeler, Cassidy Murphy, Morgann McDonald and Pia Gorme. – See more at: https://www.atmorenews.com/2014/02/26/ea-lifts-another-championship/#sthash.sC2NJfYy.dpuf

Photos from 2014 Weightlifting season