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Applications for the 16-17 scholarship Cycle are now closed. If you are interested in the 17-18 scholarship cycle, please complete the Interest List Form at the link below. The 17-18 scholarship applications will open in Spring of 2017, further notification will be sent out at that time.

AOSF Scholarship Form

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We are so pleased to announce that Escambia Academy has been approved as a partner school with the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund. The mission and vision of the Scholarship Fund are as follows:

The Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund empowers families to choose the school that best fits their child’s unique educational needs.

Every Alabama child has an equal opportunity to a quality education, which can only occur when educators and local communities are empowered to create diverse learning options and all parents are empowered to match their children to the learning option that best meets their needs.

We maintain full autonomy with regards to EA admission standards while opening doors to students whose families may find tuition out of their reach.
We cannot say it better than to quote Leslie Searcy, the AOSF Executive Director, “Quality education is a cherished goal among all parents no matter where they live.  I am delighted and proud to be a part of empowering parents in securing an educational option that best fits the unique needs and interests of their child. Alabama has thousands of bright, curious children from Florence to Fairhope, from urban centers to family farms. These children possess so much ability and promise but desperately need the opportunity to reach their full potential. Today, through the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund, we are able to provide that hope for qualifying children throughout our state. These scholarships are made possible through The Alabama Accountability Act.”
This is a needs based program, meaning that areas with failing schools receive scholarship dollars first but there are millions of dollars available and children across the state in failing districts and non-failing districts are benefiting from this remarkable program.
If you are interested in applying for a scholarship in the future, please fill out AOSF interest Form to receive updates on future application deadlines. You may find the Interest Form here!
You may also contact Athletic Director Hugh Fountain for more information. Hugh Fountain e-mail
If your business has an Alabama tax liability, please consider corporate participation as well.
For more on the program, go to Alabama Open Scholarship Fund
By donating to the Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund (AOSF), you can receive a “dollar for dollar” tax credit while helping sustain and expand scholarship programs in our school. It’s a fantastic way to help hundreds of children receive an education at no cost to you!