Escambia Academy is located at 268 Cowpen Creek Road in Atmore, Alabama.

Our campus consists of:

Elementary Building: K4 through 5th grade, Art Room, school Cafeteria, and Auditorium where Chapel services are held each Wednesday as well as special events and meetings

Elementary Library: historic renovated church behind the Elementary building

Middle School Building: Escambia Academy Administration offices, 6th through  8th grade, and Middle School Gym

High School Building: 9th through 12th grade

EA Band Room: Between Middle and High school

Our Athletics facilities on Campus consist of a Softball Field, Baseball Field, Football Field, Field house and Track and Field venue.  Our Basketball and Volleyball gym is located behind our Middle school building.

Escambia Academy Campus Map

Escambia Academy Volleyball Gym


Escambia Academy Track & Field

31.02832376859138, -87.40951899337233

Escambia Academy Softball Field


Escambia Academy Middle School & Administration

31.030140191522083, -87.40773261499271

Escambia Academy High School

31.029864386071477, -87.40788281869754

Escambia Academy Game Parking

31.029123545903914, -87.40705401611194

Parking area is school property


Escambia Academy Field House

31.02846314462031, -87.40859717130661

Escambia Academy Elementary School


Escambia Academy Elementary Library

31.03095381274119, -87.40702987623081

Escambia Academy Cafeteria

31.03060370360948, -87.40739733886585

Escambia Academy Basketball Gym

31.030343206654592, -87.40857659897301

Escambia Academy Baseball Field

31.02875159521122, -87.40774691104889

Escambia Academy Band Room

31.030035546390657, -87.40833788237069

Escambia Academy Bachelor Field

31.028042809220025, -87.40811705589294

Escambia Academy Bachelor Field Home of 2014 AISA AAA State Champions in Varsity Football


Escambia Academy Administration Office

31.030311810907566, -87.40772545337677