Microsoft Teams is a collaborative space for people to chat and share files in Office 365. The software brings all of the messages, files, and conversations to the same saved space for all teammates to access whenever they need it. Getting started with Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams Quick Start

Distribution of usernames and passwords will be from Homeroom teachers, Computer Lab or school office staff. Contact your teacher if you have not received  your login.

With this login our students will have access to completely free online version of Office with video conferencing, customized hub for class teamwork with Microsoft Teams, compliance tools, and information protection.

Accessing Teams online:

  1. Log in to your Escambia Academy Office 365 Portal
  2. Once you’re logged in, you’ll want to click on the “waffle”/App launcher in the upper left corner
  3. This opens up to all of the Microsoft Apps you have available to you through EA.
  4. Select Teams (if teams doesn’t appear under Apps, select All apps and find it in the alphabetical list)
  5. Once in the Teams web app is open you can then download a desktop client if you prefer
  6. All the teams that you are a part of will appear on the left of both apps

Microsoft Teams Software Install (Optional)

Once you have logged in and opened Teams you can download the Teams desktop application by clicking the icon on the bottom left hand corner.

Teams does not require this installation as Teams can work directly in your internet browser. Some students may find it easier to use by install the application.