Billed Monthly ‐ The quoted monthly tuition is based upon a 12 month contract (July 1 – June 30)*

*Add $225.00 per month for each student above 4 ($135 Tuition/$90 Operating)
**All Senior accounts are billed on an 11 month cycle (July – May) to ensure the account is paid in full by graduation in May.
***Bay Minette Bus (from Bay Minette – Atmore) Billed on a 12 month cycle beginning in July – June, (Price is subject to change depending on total number of riders.)

FEE SCHEDULE: All fees are assessed to members no matter date enrolled in school year

AISA Insurance/Membership (Due August 1) Fee K4‐12th Grade ‐ $45.00 per student

Various Applicable Class Fees – assessed first 9 weeks of school
AISA Athlete Fee $75.00
Art Fee $15.00
Band $25.00
Computer $15.00
Driver’s Ed $50.00
Drug Testing Fee $40 (8th – 12th)
Science Lab $15.00
Transportation Fee $50 per family a year

Raffle Tickets

  • K5-12th Grade – $400.00 – Each family is required to purchase or sell – 40 – $10 tickets per year, the tickets are billed over 4 months at $100 each in July, August, September and October. There will be two drawings, one at the Homecoming Football game for a $4,000.00 prize and the second for $1,000.00 at a second semester sporting event.
  • K4-12th Grade Gun Raffle – $500.00- Each family is required to purchase or sell –10 – $50 tickets per year. Raffle is usually during the month of April; ticket sells begin in January and end in March. Funds raised help support the general fund.
  • Drawdown Ticket  – Each family is required to purchase or sell 2 – $100 Drawdown tickets

Fundraising “Opt Out” Buyout
Members may pay $1,200/family and be exempt from the Building Fund Raffle ($400), Gun Raffle ($500), Drawdown ($200)  and any other BOD organized raffle/fundraiser.  This amount is due by July 10th.

Athletic Club Fee K4‐12TH Grade ‐ $50 per family who have student(s) participating in AISA sporting events.

Building & Grounds Fee
K4‐12th Grade ‐ $250.00 ‐ Work 6 hours per semester per family or pay $250.00 per semester

After School Care
K4-5th Grade- After School Care is available until 5:30 p.m. for students in these grades.  Rates are $25/week for the 1st student, $10/week for the 2nd student, $5/week for the 3rd student and no charge for the 4th student.


As an effort to perform cost effective maintenance and repairs to the school’s buildings and grounds, parents, guardians or paying members are required to participate in workdays. Rules for workday participation are as follows:

  • Parents, guardians, or paying members are required to participate in one (1) workday per each semester. This will equate to participation in two (2) workdays per school year.
  • If a workday schedule conflicts with parents’, guardians’, or paying members’ schedule, they are encouraged to contact the school office. Typically, there are available workday tasks both pre and post workday.
  • 6 man‐hours are required per each workday. A minimum of three (3) continuous hours are required per each participant. As an example, four (4) adults working one & one‐half (1‐1/2) hours each are not acceptable.
  • Parental or adult man hours only count as workday hours. Although students are encouraged to participate in workday, student hours will not be considered as applicable towards workday hours.
  • If a new student begins attending school within a time period after the first scheduled workday but before the latter four (4) weeks of a semester, workday participation for that semester remains applicable.
  • Workday man‐hours will only be applicable towards workday tasks. Special exceptions to this rule may be considered on a case‐by‐case basis.
  • Failure to participate in a scheduled workday or the performing of workday tasks will result in posting a $250 fee to the member’s bill. If participation is partial of six (6) man‐hours, billing will be prorated accordingly.


Concession Stand:
Tiny Mite/Pee Wee: Parents of students in grades 7 – 9
Junior Varsity: Parents of students in grades 6 and 10 – 12
Varsity: Parents of students in grades K4 – 5

The parents of players will be responsible for the concessions.

The parents of players will be responsible for concessions.

Any parent failing to volunteer, scheduled to work who does not show up, or does not get someone to work in his/her place or make prior arrangement will be charged $100.00 per schedule date.

JulyK5- 12th Grade $400 Annual Drawing 1/4$100.00
AugustK5- 12th Grade $400 Annual Drawing 1/4$100.00
AugustAISA Insurance$45.00
SeptemberK5- 12th Grade $400 Annual Drawing 3/4$100.00
OctoberK5- 12th Grade $400 Annual Drawing 4/4$100.00
OctoberWork Day Fee (if not completed) 1/2$250.00
NovemberDrawdown Tickets$200.00
NovemberClass FeesVaries see Fee Schedule
MarchK4-12th 30 Guns 30 Days Tickets$250.00
AprilWork Day Fee (if not completed) 2/2$500.00

The mission of Escambia Academy is to provide a solid foundation through a quality well-rounded educational experience in a safe, Christian environment, supported by a fully accredited academic program that is financially viable while dedicated to the students’ intellectual and personal growth and development.