Assistant Headmaster and Head Football Coach Hugh Fountain has been promoted to the position of headmaster

By November 26, 2017 February 27th, 2018 News

The Board of Directors of Escambia Academy is delighted to announce that our esteemed Assistant Headmaster, Hugh Fountain, has been elevated to the position of Headmaster! His love for the Cougars is evident in all that he does for our school and students both on and off the field. This is a time for proven leadership and dedication and there is no doubt that Coach Fountain can bring those skills to bear in this new roll.

This exciting change is a pivotal step in moving Escambia Academy in the direction of growth and stability needed to carry our great legacy forward for generations to come.

We are excited that Coach Fountain has agreed to take this opportunity as Mr. Heigle resigned his post as Headmaster, effective immediately.

Please join us in congratulating Headmaster Fountain. Your continued love and support of EA is what makes this school family so special. May God bless you, your family and Escambia Academy.
Mike Campbell