Escambia Academy “12 Gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas” Raffle

By November 19, 2015 July 25th, 2017 News

Escambia Academy

“12 Gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas” Raffle

Similar to the wildly popular, 30 Guns in 30 Days fundraiser, the Band Boosters are holding a similar raffle called 12 Gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas. Enclosed are the rules.

All proceeds from this fundraiser will benefit the Band Member’s individual improvement and equipment maintenance, repair or replacement of band equipment.  The cost of the tickets must be paid by December 11th, 2015.  The ticket drawing will be for from December 13th through December 24th.   Band parents will need to see Birtha Ragan at School office to pick up a rule sheet, a calendar of drawings, and your tickets.

We want to thank everyone for selling, purchasing tickets and helping us in this project- we couldn’t do it without you.  Contact any Band Booster Member to purchase or offer to sell tickets.

When you see the list of gift, please make note of the sponsors of the gifts. These companies and individuals have contributed to EA many times in the past and we should thank them by giving them our business.



  1. Limit of 500 tickets to be sold numbering 0001 to 0500.
  2. One ticket per each $10.00 donation.
  3. A ticket will be drawn for each day from December 13th through December 24th.
  4. A specific gift is assigned to each day of the drawing. The winner on a particular day wins the gift assigned to that particular day. A schedule of the gifts with dates to be drawn will be posted prior to the December 13th drawing.
  5. Winning tickets drawn will be re-entered in the raffle. Each ticket represents an opportunity to win twelve (12) gifts.
  6. Winners and gifts won will be posted on the Escambia Academy website and the winner will be notified by email and/or phone.
  7. Proceeds of the “12 Gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas” benefit the band of Escambia Academy to help with improving the talents of the band members and band equipment.
  8. Winners will be notified, using the name, address, email address and/or phone number, that the purchaser has written or requested to be on the ticket stub. In the event that EA is unable to contact the winner it is the sole responsibility for the winning ticket holder to contact EA to claim his/her gift.
  9. Gifts are not transferable; the person designated on the ticket must claim the prize.
  10. Gifts will be shipped to the address given provided by the winner unless the winner wishes it to be shipped to another address.
  11. Shipments will only be made to addresses within the continental USA.
  12. If the winner wishes to pick up the gift at Escambia Academy, please note the last day of school will be December 17th and therefore all winners from December 17th through December 24th would have to pick up their gifts after school resumes January 4th. However, all gifts will be stored and shipped from North Baldwin Family Pharmacy, Bay Minette and can be picked up at the store during the school holidays
  13. Raffle is void where prohibited.
  14. EA accepts no liability for gift won.
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