Our SGA and Beta Club each have Service Projects and we want our entire school to participate.

By September 17, 2015 SGA
Beta Club Project
The Beta Club is collecting can pull tops for the Ronald McDonald house project. If you have any tops you would like to donate please sent them to school with your student.  We would like to have a large quantity by the end of this month.
SGA Project
The SGA is planning a service project for each month this year. As you know, last month the SGA collected stuffed animals to donate to area fire departments. Our goal was to collect 100 stuffed animals. With the help of the EA family, we collected over 150! These stuffed animals have already been delivered. Thank you to all who helped us reach our goal!
For September, the SGA service project is to collect paper products to donate to our area food bank. Our goal is to have at least one item donated per student. We are asking that the classes bring the following:
Seniors – paper towels and/or napkins
Juniors – toilet paper
Sophomores – paper plates
Freshmen – cups
8th Grade – plastic utensils
7th Grade – facial tissues (Kleenex)
6th Grade – bowls
Elementary – any of the above items
As a fund raiser for our SGA, we are doing the Change Game this month. Several middle/high school and elementary teachers have volunteered to help us! Jars with the teachers’ names will be available for students to place change in. At the end of September, the teacher in middle/high school AND the elementary teacher who has the most money in his/her jar will be duct taped to the wall at a pep rally.
The SGA is pleased to announce that Mikayla Spruill was elected as the AISA District Representative, which also means that EA will be hosting the District meetings. We are so proud for this opportunity for both Mikayla and EA. As a District Service Project EA, along with the other schools in our district – Crenshaw Christian Academy, Fort Dale Academy, Monroe Academy, Sparta Academy, and Wilcox Academy, will be raising money for Pilots for Christ. The EA SGA is still considering ways to raise this money. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Mrs. Sasser, Saige Garrett (SGA president), or Mikayla Spruill (SGA vice president) to make that donation. We will be contacting the EA family once the final fund raising idea has been decided upon.
Thank you all for your help! Our SGA’s goal this year is to be competitive in the AISA State Best SGA competition, and this is done through service projects and campus activities. Thank you for all you have done so far! Please help us to make our monthly and yearly goals!

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